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pneumatic sliding door self closer

Slideback Sliding Door Closer

Self closing sliding door closer is semi-automatic and works without an external power supply. Self closing door closers are suitable for all sliding doors and sliding screen doors. It widely used for residential homes, shops, nursing homes, hospitals, data center and schools.

sliding door latch for pool safe regulations

Latchback Sliding Door Latch

The sliding door latch is a two way sliding patio door latch. It is a necessary equipment to obtain the pool safety certificate. It is also intended for use as a preventative measure for people with special needs with autism, sleepwalkers, and adults with dementia. Easy to install, easy to use.

self closing hinges

Self Closing Casement Door Hinges

Self closing hinges are a door hardware that allows doors to close without the need for traditional door closers. An automatic hinge or self-closing hinge is a door hinge with an integrated door closer with soft closing feature. Its simple and beautiful design is compatible with different door styles.

hidden door hinges

Self Closing Concealed Hinges

The self closing concealed hinge is revolutionary in its design. Once the door closed, the hinge becomes invisible, hidden away by the jamb and the door butting up against each other. Its most important and unique feature is that it has self closing feature and closes softly before it slammed.

Range of simple, functional door closers

We represent several international “self closing door hardware” companies. They are manufacturers of quality and unique accessories for the door and window market. 

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