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6 Series SLIDEback Self Closing Door Closer

Self closing door closer SLIDEback is suitable for almost all sliding doors, such as wooden sliding doors, aluminum patio doors, sliding screen doors and frameless glass doors. It is widely used for residences, shops, nursing homes, hospitals, data centers and schools.

When used in pool safety projects, it eliminates the need for fencing for the pool and saves thousands of dollars, as well as giving you back the pool perimeter, which is divided by fencing.

Self-closing door closers prevent the energy spent for cooling or heating from being wasted, as they automatically close your doors. Also, when applied to screen doors, they prevent pests from entering your home. It is suitable for DIY.

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4 Series SLIDEback Self Closing Door Closer

The 4series sliding door closer has 4 tubes, can fit on narrow door width but it can open wider.
Standard body length; centre to centre 400mm
Applicable door width: 450~930mm
A wide usage for door weight from 1kg to 50 kg.

There is a simple way to help you choose the self closing door closer force level: We can provide you with light, medium or heavy force level closers.** (depending on current stock availability)

Just use one finger (not your arm) to push your door and see how far the door moves. If the door travel is less than 25mm – 30mm, it may not be possible to install the sliding door closer.

Please improve the efficiency of the sliding rollers first. We do not offer you a miracle tool for your door that does not work properly.

Please scroll down the page and check the installation video. For ordering please click here HOW TO ORDER

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Which door closer is suitable?

Power selection on the table is for your reference only. Please be sure for selection and ordering. We do not accept returns and we do not offer refund. For ordering “please click here HOW TO ORDER“.

Door Closer Position to Install:

  • See examples in the pictures below; select the appropriate position for the sliding door closer, on the upper jamb or the door leaf.
  • Attach the closer not to the edge of the door, but back 5 cm from the edge of the door. In this way, the closer always applies a load to the door and helps to restore the door even with small openings.
  • Make sure the mounting brackets are fixed horizontally and carefully levelled.
  • After fixing the two mounting brackets, place the sliding door closer in to the mounting brackets.
  • Check the operation of the door closer by opening and closing the door.
  • Set the “Speed Valve” to the desired speed. (clockwise for slow scrolling and counterclockwise for fast scrolling)
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