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For a single panel sliding door: Max door size for SLIDEback 6SDC-693 is 1150mm, 6SDC-800 is 1360, 6SDC-1000 is 1760mm  and for
SLIDEX is 1200mm. For 4SDC-400 is 930mm.

Yes, in most cases, door closers are mandatory for fire safety standards. First of all, the accessory in question itself needs to be tested and certified for its rate of fire.

A fire door must be self closing.
A fire door will only prevent the spread of smoke and fire if it is closed, when the fire occurs. Therefore, fire doors must have reliable mechanisms for closing them – preferably self-closing door closers

Pneumatic door closers used for domestic doors are very easy to install and anyone, who knows how to use simple hand tools, can install them. Along with these accessories, different brackets suitable for a few different mounting preferences are given to you in the package.

For hydraulic closers and hinges, you must clearly inform us of your door’s dimensions, material type, weight and opening direction. In fact, this applies to all accessories. We do not provide installation service, but this information is important for us to provide complete accessories required for installation. We also always offer you a telephone consultation service.

Yes, the door closers & dampers in our product range, do not need any external power source. 

Yes, most definitely. Sliding screen door closers can be used for swimming pool safety as an addition.

By using self-closing hardware on doors, leading to the swimming pool or spa, thousands of dollars can be saved as pool safety fences are not needed. In addition, the result is very satisfactory as the pool fences are prevented from dividing the garden and that area is brought into use.

There are no accessories that give you a pool safety certificate when you buy it.
If you meet pool safety criteria using these accessories, a certified pool safety inspector will issue this certification if the actions are legal and satisfactory.